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Thank You 12-Pack


Say “Thank You” to that someone special with these delicious hand made crispy rice and marshmallow treats. Treats include cookies and cream, caramel sea salt, chocolate pretzel, M&M, and cotton candy topped with tasteful “Thank You” fondant plaques.

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12 Pack of Rainbow Rice Krispie Treat Donuts


Our favorite new creation!!!  The rice krispie treat that looks and tastes like a old fashion country donut.  This 12-pack of donuts arrives in our elegant blue gift box; and each donut is specially wrapped so it will stay fresh for months.  Gluten Free

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I Love You Party Bar


Perfect size for a group of friends, a family treat, a school class, or one very hungry Valentine.  Comes in it’s own box and is packaged to stay fresh for months.  Nothing says I love you like a giant strawberry shortcake flavored Rice Krispy Treat!!!   Serves 15-20

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Birthday Party Bar


Comes in its own box–Perfect to send as a Birthday Gift or serve instead of cake at your next party!!!  This GIANT bar is 10 inches by 14 inches and serves 15-20 for dessert.   Birthday cake flavored Treats with hand cut fondant balloons!!

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Emoji 12-PACK


Express yourself with this assorted pack of our delicious hand made crispy rice and marshmallow treats. Treat toppings include cookies and cream, caramel sea salt, sugar cookie, M&M, topped with fun Emoji fondant plaques.

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