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Assorted 12- pack of our delicious hand made crispy rice and marshmallow treats. Flavors include Cookies and Cream, Caramel Sea Salt, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mint, S’more, M&M, and other seasonal favorites


Celebrate (or sweeten) the new school year with these school themed Treats.  Flavors include birthday cake, cookies and cream, bubble gum, and caramel sea salt.  Contains dairy, gluten, and egg.


12 Celebratory Birthday Cake crispy rice and marshmallow treats packed with sprinkles and topped with homemade blue marshmallow. Tradional garnish alternates with festive “Happy Birthday” fondant plaque


Birthday Party in a box!!  Everything you need for celebrating the ultimate birthday.  Our elegant Gift box contains 2-12 packs of our “Happy Birthday” Treats, 4 Birthday Treat-Pops, 2 Birthday Treat-Donuts, and 2 Birthday Treat Bars


Comes in its own box–Perfect to send as a Birthday Gift or serve instead of cake at your next party!!!  This GIANT bar is 10 inches by 14 inches and serves 15-20 for dessert.   Birthday cake flavored Treats with hand cut fondant balloons!! ***gluten and dairy free


This box contains an assortment of 12 of our Most Popular Jumbo 6oz Rice Krispie Treats.   Each is individually wrapped and will stay fresh for months. The assortment contains 2 M&M Treats, 2 Birthday Cake Treats, 2 Unicorn (vanilla bean) Treats, 2 Fun ‘n’ Fruity Treats, and 2 Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats, and 2 Cookies and Cream Treats.  Please specify on the notes section at the CHECK OUT PAGE if you have any allergies or flavor preferences (other available flavors include Mermaid- cotton candy, Double Chocolate, & S’mores).   We are more that happy to customize the assortment to your preferences—-just let us know wht you would like.


This box contains 12 Birthday Cake Rice Krispie Treat Bars.  Each is individually wrapped and will stay fresh for months.  These Rice Krispie Treat Bars are a perfect after-school snack, and make a great addition to any lunch box.

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