12-Pack of Custom Treats

5 out of 5

Bought these for my boyfriend last Valentine’s Day. He isn’t big on giving gifts for Valentine’s Day and these were delivered to his work the day before. Let me tell you, he got me some gorgeous flowers and a stuffed animal AND a card that weekend for Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t believe what a hit these were for him! He’s brought these up a few times since!


Pops – 6 Pack

5 out of 5

Such great Valentine’s Day gifts!

Monica Wald

24 Pack – Choose Your Own

5 out of 5

Thank you

Jana Friedman

Treat Pack of The Month

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The perfect post-holiday gift


Each Treat is made and decorated by hand


Emoji 12-PACK


Express yourself with this assorted pack of our delicious hand made crispy rice and marshmallow treats. Treat toppings include cookies and cream, caramel sea salt, sugar cookie, M&M, topped with fun Emoji fondant plaques.

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Our Reimagination

We just know. 

When something is made from love. From passion. With a purpose that transcends profits. 

Treat House creates and artistically decorates every treat – one by one, by one, for each special one – you. Homemade. Handmade. With real ingredients. An embrace of nostalgia, a bite from your childhood kitchen, reimagined for the most discerning of adult palettes.

 Treat yourself, and treat others, to the sweetness of a life loved.


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The Russell Family
- Daniel Russell -
- Eli -
Something speaks to your soul when you eat something made by hand. Where is the heart and soul in something made in a factory?

The Russell Family

( Founders )
Our slogan is Treat yourself, and Treat others. This is saying treat yourself in a way that is special. And in my opinion, the more important part is the golden rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated.

- Daniel Russell -

( Chief Kid Officer #1 age 12 )
Once you are a part of Treat House, you never let go. It’s something that you will always have. When older, I know I will still have Treat House in my heart. It’s been such a big part of my life. I don’t view as work, instead of going to summer camp this year, I want to work at Treat House to make an impact, something nice to do. And if you love what you do for work, you don’t work at all, because I view it as playing, fun activities, I’m on an adventure.

- Eli -

( Chief Kid Officer #2 age 10 )