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Not quite as good as being there in person, but our “we miss you” 12-Pack is a nice way to sweeten up someone’s day and remind them how much you love them.  This 12-pack comes with assorted nut-free treats, and half of them are garnished with elegant “we miss you” fondant plaques.  Contains Gluten and Dairy— to specify gluten-free or dairy-free, please call out in the note section.


We know that during this difficult time it may be hard (or impossible) to see the ones you love the most.  This Gift will not replace a hug, but it’s still a really nice way to say “we miss you” and “we love you”.  This Deluxe Gift box contains two 12-packs of assorted nut-free rice krispie treats, two Birthday Cake rice krispie treat pops, and four of our Jumbo 6 oz rice krispie treat bars.  Contains dairy and gluten.

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Seasonal and Delicious Rice Krispie Treat Donuts are individually wrapped and presented in our elegant gift box.  Flavors include Pumpkin, Candy Corn, Fall Sprinkle, & Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts.  Makes a tasty and unique Gift.


12 Celebratory Birthday Cake crispy rice and marshmallow treats packed with sprinkles and topped with homemade blue marshmallow. Tradional garnish alternates with festive “Happy Birthday” fondant plaque


Birthday Party in a box!!  Everything you need for celebrating the ultimate birthday.  Our elegant Gift box contains 2-12 packs of our “Happy Birthday” Treats, 4 Birthday Treat-Pops, 2 Birthday Treat-Donuts, and 2 Birthday Treat Bars


Comes in its own box–Perfect to send as a Halloween gift, or to serve at your Halloween Party.  This GIANT bar is 10 inches by 14 inches and serves 15-20 for dessert.   Butterscotch flavored with a fondant candy corn for garnish

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Christmas-themed 12-pack featuring favorites like Gingerbread Man, Santa Hat, Hot Cocoa, Sugar Cookie, and Peppermint Bark


Regardless of the occasion, there is no sweeter way to say congratulations!!!.  This deluxe gift box packed with delicious and colorful rice krispie treats include 2 12-packs of treats featuring edible “Congrats!!!” garnishes.  The gift box also includes 3 of our Jumbo 6 oz Treat Bars (Birthday Cake, Mermaid, and Unicorn flavors), and two of our “Country Fair” rice krispie treat donuts.  This deluxe gift box is certain to add happiness to joy!!


Express yourself with this assorted pack of our delicious hand made crispy rice and marshmallow treats. Treat toppings include cookies and cream, caramel sea salt, sugar cookie, M&M, topped with fun Emoji fondant plaques.

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