Customize Holiday Treats INQUIRE ABOUT CUSTOM CORPORATE GIFTING Finest Hand Made Rice Krispie Treats
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12 Pack – Choose Your Own

5 out of 5

MY niece in college was so excited about her gift. She said they were not only delicious but cute as well. Thanks for making her day!

Kecia Wynn

Baby Shower

5 out of 5



Baby Shower

5 out of 5


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We just know. 

When something is made from love. From passion. With a purpose that transcends profits. 

Treat House creates and artistically decorates every treat – one by one, by one, for each special one – you. Homemade. Handmade. With real ingredients. An embrace of nostalgia, a bite from your childhood kitchen, reimagined for the most discerning of adult palettes.

 Treat yourself, and treat others, to the sweetness of a life loved.


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