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Not quite as good as being there in person, but our “we miss you” 12-Pack is a nice way to sweeten up someone’s day and remind them how much you love them.  This 12-pack comes with assorted nut-free treats, and half of them are garnished with elegant “we miss you” fondant plaques.  Contains Gluten and Dairy— to specify gluten-free or dairy-free, please call out in the note section.


We know that during this difficult time it may be hard (or impossible) to see the ones you love the most.  This Gift will not replace a hug, but it’s still a really nice way to say “we miss you” and “we love you”.  This Deluxe Gift box contains two 12-packs of assorted nut-free rice krispie treats, two Birthday Cake rice krispie treat pops, and four of our Jumbo 6 oz rice krispie treat bars.  Contains dairy and gluten.

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